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Magic of Sacred Arts (MoSa) LLC
presented by
Zegasus, MSW, CHP

Conduit of Care providing Sacred Soul Support 

A Conduit of Care means

I act as a vessel of care, love, and encouragement for people to connect with themselves in deeper and more meaningful ways to foster environments and opportunities for transformative healing and growth. 

Sacred Soul Support is what I give in the form of candid yet compassionate counseling, energetic readings,

career advisement,

elemental rituals, consulting, ministering,

end-of-life doula services, and

wedding officiant responsibilities.


I am birthing The Magi 

an intentional community within 

 Magic of Sacred Arts (MoSa) LLC 

We Magi are sacred and diverse women of color learning, illuminating, gifting, healing, and transforming with divine discernment and intention. 


   We Magi are committed to birthing our destinies and affirming ourselves.


        We Magi are providing sacred and strategic support in communion with our sisters to hold purposeful space for creative healing and growth. 

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Featured Sacred Support Service


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