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Color Symbolisms

Red: Excitement, Energy, Passion, Attention, Courage

​Orange: Optimism, Independent, Adventurous, Fun, Creativity


Yellow: Opportunity, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Spontaneity, Positivity


Light Green: Harmony, Growth, Kindness, Fertility, Dependability 


Dark Green: Balance, Safety, Stability, Harmony, Reliability 


Light Blue: Self-Expression, Trustworthy, Freedom, Joy, Wisdom 


Dark Blue: Honesty, Loyalty, Inner Security, Trust, Responsibility


Violet/Purple: Royalty, Imagination, Compassion, Spirituality, Sensitivity, Mystery 


Pink: Love, Playful, Immaturity, Admiration, Compassion


Brown: Reliability, Stability, Natural, Comfort, Honesty 


Gray: Practical, Neutral, Conservative, Formal, Quiet 


Black: Control, Power, Discipline, Authority, Elegance  


Birth Months & Stones

January - Garnet

February- Amethyst

March- Aquamarine

April- Diamond

May- Emerald

June- Pearl

July- Ruby

August- Peridot

September- Sapphire (blue)

October- Opal

November- Citrine

December- Topaz/ Turquoise

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