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I am the love child of a Pegasus and a Zebra.


A Pegasus is a valiant and magical protector and lover of all people. The distinction of a zebra because every zebra has stripes but none have the same pattern, symbolizing that I can meet a stranger and connect with them through commonalities while celebrating our differences. Anything is achievable with compassionate and candid conversation.


Each experience is an opportunity to connect and cultivate community. It is this perspective that shapes my experiences in life and encourages me to embrace a myriad of people.

I am cultivating community 

I discovered that many people are silently suffering and some are losing hope in tomorrow. I personally experienced feeling inconsequential and inadequate, allowing for rumination of false negative narratives

I am intentionally holding

creative space for transformative healing and growth

I want us to heal, grow, love and create

Providing Sacred Soul Support  with the understanding of my unconventional spiritual gifts and insights, identified a need to kill past pain. This arduous but intentional work created a rebirth and reframing into purposeful passion.


Magic of Sacred Arts (MoSa) LLC crafts a community for people from all walks of life to learn, illuminate, gift, heal, and transform their narratives, into a beautiful journey of self-discovery and expression.


With MoSa, I empower and encourage others to be their unadulterated authentic selves. My eclectic and eccentric methodologies allows for a fluidity where people can explore, express, and evolve. 

For many years I ran from my gifts that I could not readily rationalize or explain. I later discovered that there is beauty and strength in understanding and accepting Oneness. Accepting and understanding all of you is important. Sharing those understandings can be necessary.


Shared stories and experiences can save lives 

You will be whole and well

beautiful CDW.jpg

Join me as we create – The Magi, a LIGHT Experience, representing Learning, Illuminating, Gifting, Healing, and Transforming

a community that uses creative approaches to healing and growth as a catalyst for living wholly and well.


We are cultivating community so that we can foster experiences filled with compassion, consistency, creativity, and charisma.  


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