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I am a Conduit of Care. Even before I took my first breath, I was drawn to my mother's heart, moving upwards toward the rhythmic beat. That moment was the catalyst for my intrinsic and altruistic desire to touch the hearts of others and help them heal. It is that sacred rhythmic cadence that sustains me, my purpose, and my passion. I was born from love and much like my favorite scripture, I am rooted and established in love.

I am a multifarious being.


Buckle up!!!




I am also...

  • an empath

  • a light warrior and carrier 

  • a sage with sight

  • a daughter

  • a Mommie to a skin baby, (2) fur babies, and (1) scaly baby

  • a devoted family member

  • an intentional friend

  • an author and writer

  • a former prospective broadcast turned print journalist 

  • a thesaurus and dictionary studier 

  • an alliteration admirer

  • an international social worker 

  • a trauma-informed and trained counselor

  • a charismatic career advisor 

  • a retreat and workshop facilitator

  • a nerd ^_^

  • a multilingual enthusiast (hope to be a polyglot)

  • a  licensed and ordained minister 

  • an intercessor (I worship & warship)

  • a trained and certified crisis intervention and mitigation specialist

  • a displaced populations researcher

  • a director (at work)

  • a servant leader and bridge-builder

  • a developer (technical & soft skills)

  • an avid traveler and reader 

  • a tattoo and piercing connoisseur

  • a lover of art, colors, and music

  • a water baby (I love oceans and marine life)

  • an animal lover (especially predatory animals)

  • an Indian food indulger 

  • an endo, adeno, and chronic pain fighter

  • a survivor

  • an eclectic and eccentric being

  • an extrovert that appreciates time alone to recalibrate and replenish energy

My  Guiding Principles

Work with a spirit of excellence (family creed)

Operate with grace and gratitude

Shared stories can save someone's life

Candid and compassionate conversation cultivates community

We are unique threads woven together in a beautiful tapestry

We determine our experience and engagement with others


Photo taken by: Groovy Banana

I support others   accomplish transformative healing and growth

I learned that many people are silently suffering and some are losing hope in tomorrow. In the past, I personally experienced feeling inconsequential and inadequate which allowed for rumination of false negative narratives... 

I am intentionally holding sacred and safe space for transformative healing and growth. I want us to heal, grow, love, and create.


I offer a unique approach to healing, self-(re)discovery, and expression. Each curated experience and session are tailored to individual needs, combining energy work, intuitive and spiritual guidance, and faith to help find balance, clarity, and understanding..

With Magic of Sacred Arts (MoSa), I empower, educate, and encourage others to be their unadulterated authentic selves. My eclectic and eccentric methodologies allow for a fluidity where people can explore, express, and evolve. 

For many years I ran from my gifts that I could not readily rationalize or explain. I later discovered that there is beauty and strength in understanding and accepting Oneness. Accepting and understanding all of you is essential. Sharing those understandings (with discernment) are a part of your healing journey.


I will say it again: Shared stories and experiences can save lives! 

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Photo taken by: GroovyBanana

There is fulfillment and freedom in Oneness

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Join me in the birthing of – my purposeful passion -

The LIGHT Enclave,

an immersive and transformative experiential community, symbolizing Learning, Illuminating, Giving, Healing, and Transforming


The LIGHT Enclave is a community that uses creative and diverse approaches to healing and growth as a catalyst for living wholly and well.


The LIGHT Enclave is cultivating community so that we can foster experiences filled with compassion, consistency, and creativity.  


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