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Sacred Healing Hand-poured Oils are made with love and intention to bring about intentional healing and nourishment to the soul, skin, and crown.


The Sacred Healing Hand-poured Oils were cleansed with white sage and palo santo, and blessed with anointing oil and prayers. The healing art is also charged in both the sun and the moon. 


The Sacred Healing Hand-poured Oils come in a myriad of offerings to include:


* Citrus Catalyst - creativity and joy

* Earth Essence - grounding and rooting 

* Soothing Sensual - igniting passion and awakening sensuality

* Elemental Balance - growth and balance 


Customized Sacred Healing Hand-poured Oils are availabe uppon request addressing a specific need

Sacred Healing Hand-poured Oils

SKU: 364115376135191
  • These sacred healing hand-poured oils are made with anoiting oil, select essential oils, and a sacred crystal. 

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