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Zegasus in Action 

Cultivating Community through Candid and Compassionate Conversation

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Kayla Sacred Support

The healing energy and genuine love flows through Zegasus like anointed water. She is able to look deep into your soul and recognize the most amazing parts of you, while supporting and guiding you through the struggles that life has laid upon us as fragile human beings. I am blessed to have witnessed and felt the true power of HER.  She has been bestowed with a heavenly gift and uses it to shine light through our souls 💫

Mayeen   Energetic Reading

Zegasus is really special soul who is able to see who you are and what you need. I was initially skeptical about energetic readings and spirituality in general, but Zegasus' calm presence and reassuring words helped me heal more than even my therapist. I just felt more confident and self-reflective after the reading. Please do a reading with Zegasus if you want to rejuvenate your spirit!

Kahlia Career Counseling

Zegasus is really good at what she does. She works with you to cut out the noise that keeps you from living the life you truly desire. Be prepared to be held accountable for the effort you put into your aspirations.

Rika Energetic Reading 

I had the privilege of having a reading with Zegasus in the past. Everything about that experience was amazing. It helped me to identify the areas I have grown in as well as the areas that I need to heal and grow in. I highly recommend her and I am applying all the recommendations. 

Gia Sacred Support 

Upon meeting Zegasus, I immediately noticed a caring spirit. In conversations, she listened to me intently, and engaged with me in a way that made me feel seen. Her kindness is contagious, and it seems fitting that she is interested in focusing her attention on healing work.

Attachments vs. Connections:
LIGHT Beyond trauma Course

Once again, Zegasus did it! 

Thank you for steering the necessary conversation and providing critical thought surrounding attachments and connections. Zegasus gave several gems to meditate on and apply to our daily lives. The message I have received from the class is for me to strengthen my discernment, focus on inner work, and to evaluate my career. Attachments are not only people, but also the behaviors that we reinforce in a unhealthy manner. 

Hermenia Sacred Support

She provides me with a safe space with no judgment and with tools of positivity, encouragement, and healing techniques. She provokes me to think about myself and what I need in a manner of grace and presence. 

Kahlia Energetic Reading

My experience with Zegasus was great! She really helped to put things into perspective for my personal growth and the reading was spot on. :)

Lotus Energetic Reading

My Ethereal Experience with @Zegasus, MSW, CHP, Sacred Soul Support Practitioner, was Sacred and unapologetically Dope ! I was never unsure of my vibrations toward her and her gifts , but i was certainly impressed that she is even more surreal in person. The ease with the way she spoke with me and guided my innate spirit cannot be mistaken for anything less than spiritual divinity! I experienced a comfort and strength I never knew I possessed . She was able to tap into things that she just shouldn't have known unless told, however, it was never overbearing. Our Session was truly magical in the highest sense of spirit and i am forever grateful! I look forward to our next journey together!

Sonya   Sacred Support

It was a pleasure to have Zegasus guide me through my spiritual cleansing. She has such a pleasant & discerning spirit. She was able to assist in guiding me towards the shadow work I needed to address, along with some invaluable advice & suggestions that were essential towards my growth. What an amazing experience & I highly recommend & will continue recommending as people come into my life that I’ve grown to love who also need some spiritual guidance!

Jacquelyn Sacred Support

Zegasus  has a God-given gift and empathy that allows individuals to instantly connect with her.  She supports all walks of life, domestically and internationally. Without judgment, she converses with you and aids  you through difficult situations. 

Kay Sacred Support

Zegasus' intentional nature provides spiritual support. Her genuine spirit and concern eases my hesitation. She pours blessings upon me through motivation, rationalization, pure love and deep thought. I always walk away from our interactions thankful, enlightened, lighter, and loved. 

Keesha Sacred Support

I just wanted to take a moment of  time to share how much I truly appreciate Zegasus' brilliancy! The contributions that she  made in my life have been extremely useful and I am ever so grateful! Zegasus  is intuitive, extremely smart and highly spiritually supportive. She brings deep insight and knowledge on emotional intelligence concepts, leadership, mindfulness and positive intentions both at work and in personal life situations. On top of all her knowledge and credentials, she is such a delight and keeps your sacred space safe at all times!

Magical Chat & Chew

During the Magical Chat & Chew, Zegasus provided a sacred space for us to trust ourselves to step out of the minuscule box that we readily put ourselves in out of comfort. I left feeling optimistic about releasing old habits and false narratives of self. I express understanding of the ritual, activities, and conversations we shared by intentionally applying what I have learned to my daily life through traditional therapy, yoga therapy, and daily mindfulness practices. The most memorable section of the experience was the spiritual doula exercises. Being in a vulnerable space and someone else assuring you that they have you in that moment is what I needed. I am looking forward to the next Magical Chat & Chew.

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