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The Audacity

Let's have the audacity to love ourselves.

No matter what happened we must understand that we are LOVE.

Love personnified flows through us to us, as we are open to receive.

And we must be open to receive.

Layers of hurt, disapointment, and change peel back masks exposing our hearts to cruel understandings and soul-shaking revelations.

We are to flow even when overwhelmed because flowing releases weights and burdens that do not belong to us.

I am flowing.

I am releasing.

Release all that does not belong to you.

We are flowing freely despite titles, roles, and responsibilities.

We are flowing rough and raw - relinquishing feigned control and executing death of ego.



Know that you are LOVE

and nothing and no one can take that from you.

I've been journeying this long, dark road to a place of freedom.

I've been knowing I've been growing something remarkable, something beautiful,

something deep-seeded and metamorphosis.

It is I that have the audacity to love.

The audacity to grow.

The audacity to breathe.

Breathe deep in my knowing. To stand sure-footed in my audacious evolution of me but also my unadulterated expression of love.

Be the audacity your heart and mind deserve.

You are the love your essence yearns. You are the audacious representation of love unfiltered and love unrivaled.

Surrender to your most sweetest and kindest inner being.

You are audacious LOVE.

Be it. Believe it.

Flow in it.

The audacious personification of love essence.

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