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Honoring Your Sacred Space

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The hardest part of our being is us accepting ourselves.

It takes acts of God and cataclysmic occurrences for us to stop long enough to even acknowledge where we are presently. Acknowledgement comes before acceptance, hence we hide, run, distract, and numb ourselves just to avoid acknowledgement that will lead to inevitable acceptance.

Some fear that acceptance then means the acknowledgement of all we have done wrong or too late but that is our own ego sabotaging and distracting us from what is important - our growth. Growth and hopeful understanding due to increased knowledge, wisdom, and applied lessons learned.

We must acknowledge and see our growth and the strides taken on our paths. We must celebrate the mini and mighty accomplishments in our lives. We cannot, or rather should not wait to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves and our growth. We must honor the space that we are in. We must honor ourselves despite external factors whether they be people, places, or things. We must see ourselves, fully authentic despite any other circumstances - just us, in our present space.

I am grateful for the recurring opportunity to see myself, see my growth, acknowledge where I am, and the propensity to not only accept but honor and celebrate the space that I am in.

It took many years for me to slow down enough to even acknowledge where I was. I used my extraversion as a catalyst to ignore my inner self, busy myself, and move about through countless streams of interaction, whether at school, work, or with family. I filled my hours, days, and weeks with others' needs, priorities, and time... while devaluing my own time and needs.

Do you know what it feels like to starve your soul? Do you know what it feels like to deprive your being?

It became effortless for me to stay on the move to avoid stopping long enough to sit with self. But sitting with self is vital for your growth. Sitting with self is essential for your healing.

At some point you must make the decision that I am done hiding, I am done pretending, I am done diminishing and NOW I am ready to heal, I am ready to grow, I am ready to honor the space that I am in.

It is more than temporary fixes, it is you prioritizing you - for once.

There are not coincidences so you know that you are purposed for this time, in this place, where you are. Do not allow your doubts and self-condemnation to deter you from the needed work of honoring your present space and either going within to explore your intersectional and multifarious identity/identities or emitting outwards your understanding and gifting as you honor, learn, and evolve within your present space.

Do the work! Acknowledge your present space! Honor your sacred space.

What makes it sacred? You do.

You are acknowledging.

You are honoring.

You are learning.

You are growing.

You are evolving.

You are transforming.

You are becoming.

You are not fighting to become an image or half of a diluted version of yourself. You are not fighting an imaginary clock that you created which adds undue and unneeded pressure on yourself. You are not living your parents, family, friends, religious community, or society's standards, values, beliefs or opinions of your life...

You are you because God is and God is within you, and with God, you can do anything. Purpose your mind. Put actions behind your faith, hopes, manifestations, prayers, incantations, words. Build community that will encourage you and be candid yet compassionate with you.

Get comfortable with yourself. Get comfortable with acknowledging and honoring your present space. You are precious and you are growing and healing, and healing and growing.

Honor your sacred space.

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