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Honoring Your Sacred Space

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The hardest part of our being is us accepting ourselves.

It takes acts of God and cataclysmic occurrences for us to stop long enough to even acknowledge where we are presently. Acknowledgement comes before acceptance, hence we hide, run, distract, and numb ourselves just to avoid acknowledgement that will lead to inevitable acceptance.

Some fear that acceptance then means the acknowledgement of all we have done wrong or too late but that is our own ego sabotaging and distracting us from what is important - our growth. Growth and hopeful understanding due to increased knowledge, wisdom, and applied lessons learned.

We must acknowledge and see our growth and the strides taken on our paths. We must celebrate the mini and mighty accomplishments in our lives. We cannot, or rather should not wait to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves and our growth. We must honor the space that we are in. We must honor ourselves despite external factors whether they be people, places, or things. We must see ourselves, fully authentic despite any other circumstances - just us, in our present space.